The Rudner Law Podcast

Mastering Difficult Conversations & Becoming Conflict-Confident

July 20, 2022

Stuart is joined by Jennifer Bloch, a certified leadership and executive coach, for a discussion on mastering difficult conversations and becoming conflict-confident. Jennifer is the Principal, and Founder of Touchpoint Leadership Coaching. She has spent over twenty years coaching leaders across multiple sectors, from Consumer Packaged Goods to Palliative Care. Her perspective is broad and unique to both corporate and healthcare industries. A graduate of McGill University and Royal Roads University, Jennifer’s professional journey as a Human Resource Manager, a Health Practitioner, and a Certified Executive Coach brings a unique perspective to organizations on interpersonal relationships. Her multidisciplinary experience provides Leaders with a holistic viewpoint of the various ways people engage in and deal with conflict. Jennifer believes that there are three basic principles that lead to mastering difficult conversations. Find out how these three principles can help you build resilience and engage in gut-wrenching conversations with confidence instead of antacids.

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